Monday, January 26, 2009

Your "Great Escape" is here!

"We all want our escape from something, I think." - Luke Crowther

After years of waiting, The Rifles second album "Great Escape" is out in stores today!!!

Go and get your copy today! I heard there's even a bonus track for ya! (Only on iTunes)

Great Escape tracklistings:
1. Science in Violence
2. The Great Escape
3. Fall to Sorrow
4. Sometimes
5. Toerag
6. History
7. Winter Calls
8. Out in the Past
9. Romeo and Julie
10. The General
11. For the Meantime


  1. Just bought the album and been listening to it all morning, cant get enough it, the boys have done good! Toe Rag is amazing! infact the whole album is great. Next stop fopp in covent garden for their insotre show, cant wait!

  2. oh go buy their album aswell! its brilliant, been listening to all day, cant get enough it

    check and click itunes button.

    itunes is probably the best bet...its pretty easy to do!