Thursday, January 1, 2009

Album Leaked

The Rifles second album "The Great Escape" has been leaked onto the internet. No word on how this got out, but it does give us a chance to view the track listings. The official release date is the 26th of January, 2009.

1. Science in Violence
2. The Great Escape
3. Fall to Sorrow
4. Sometimes
5. Toerag
6. History
7. Winter Calls
8. Out in the Past
9. Romeo and Julie
10. The General
11. For the Meantime


  1. I searched on Nov 28th after seeing a promo copy of the album on Ebay. Had to do a bit of trawling around and this lad below had it on fileshare!! Told Luke about it at the Cov gig in Dec and he was really pissed off about the leak. I reckon this lad works as a rep for some music company in Japan and is the main culpret!!!!!