Sunday, January 4, 2009

The 5 rarest Rifles songs [[UPDATED]]

Some of The Rifles' songs are hard to come by. But which ones are you most likely missing from your MP3 collection? Here are the hardest to find, and maybe some you didn't even know about...

1. "Narrow Minded Social Club (Live)": This is the B-side to the vinyl (7") release of the "I Could Never Lie" single.
Why can't I find it?: The vinyl was limited to 1,000 copies only.
BONUS: Here is a taste, a 1:32 clip of the song...
2. "Repeated Offender (Acoustic)": This is the B-side to the second 7" release of the "Repeated Offender" single.
Why can't I find it?: It IS out there, just not as common as the first 7" release.
3. "She's Got Standards (Acoustic)": This is the B-side to the 7" single release of "She's Got Standards".
Why can't I find it?: It was on a limited Pink vinyl release while the Black vinyl release is more common.
4. "Live at Shepherds Bush Empire" (EP): This is a Live EP by The Rifles from 2007. It features 5 live tracks: Talking, Robin Hood, Up Close, Peace & Quiet, and Narrow Minded Social Club.
Why can't I find it?: It was limited to 1,000 copies only. However, you can still pay to download it off the internet.
5. "The Eton Rifles (Live)" (featuring Paul Weller): This is a special live cover of The Jam's song "The Eton Rifles".
Why can't I find it?: On The Rifles website, the banner at the top says that if you sign up, you can get it for free. However, after signing up it tells you to wait for an e-mail confirmation to download... but it never arrives. Possibly it's just not ready yet.

But the hardest to find would be...
"Lazy" (2 versions)
"22 Years" (2 versions)
"Fighting" (Demo)
"Only Fools and Horses" (Theme Song cover)


  1. These above are piss easy to find! You wanna try getting hold of the two versions of 'Lazy', two versions of '22 Years', the demo version of 'Fighting' and an original track called 'Camden'. These we on a 2004 15 track demo!!!

    1. Hey you know where I can find 'camden' I think it's the only rifles tune I haven't heard/found. Cheers.

  2. The other 'rarity' is the fools and horses cover version done on Virgin Radio with Lovejoy!

  3. Nice! See, I didn't even know those existed! Heard part of the 'Only Fools' cover from the video, sounded awesome.

  4. The copy of this 'demo album' was done before Ian Broudie produced NLL. It has different versions of Lost in London and 'Breakdown' different lyrics for 'Social Club' and another version of 'Holiday in the Sun'.

    To be honest it's probably as rare as rocking horse shit!

  5. has anyone got the demo album to share?

  6. Keine chance, Schwanz!