Monday, January 19, 2009

Fall to Sorrow and tours!

"Fall to Sorrow", The Rifles first single from their new album is out today!
A. Fall To Sorrow
B. Lazy Bones (Konk Version)

1. Fall To Sorrow
2. The Great Escape (Strings and Vocals Version)

The group have also announced more tour dates.

Jan 26th – HMV, Manchester - 90 Market Street (6.00pm)
Jan 27th – HMV, Glasgow - Lewis' Building (6.00pm)
Jan 28th - Fopps, Covent Garden (6.00pm)
Jan 29th - Rough Trade East (7.00pm)
Jan 30th – Banquet, Kingston (6.00pm)
Feb - 3rd – Rapture, Witney in Oxfordshire (5.30pm)
Feb - 4th – Resident, Brighton (6.00pm)
Feb - 5th – Sound Knowledge, Wiltshire (6.30pm)
Feb - 6th – Fives, Leigh On sea (6.00pm)


  1. stephanie morrisseyJanuary 20, 2009 at 7:23 AM

    this is going to be amazing cant wait, defiantly seeing them in covent garden, also cant wait for their new album to come out on the 26th eee!

  2. That sounds like abit of self promoting to me, but i like it! Defiately going to be there at covent garden with bells on