Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Album leak: The culprit?

The one responsible for leaking the The Rifles new album may just be this guy named Jason, possibly a rep at a music company in Japan, as one of our posters pointed out.
The "Rip Date" suggests he was the one who ripped it from a promo copy.


  1. what a let down he is. I havent been bothered about wanting to download the leaked songs, wanted to hear the album in its proper form when i buy it on mon! ill probably just buy it from their instore show at fopp, itll be a 2 for 1 speciality!

  2. The Rifles
    Red Stripe Bring It On Back Free Gig Series
    4 Tracks & Interview
    Live @ Shunt Vaults London


  3. go buy their album aswell! its brilliant, been listening to all day, cant get enough it

    check and click itunes button.

    itunes is probably the best bet…its pretty easy to do!