Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bootlegs: Part 3

While you're enjoying the new single today, you can listen to 2 more live shows! With thanks again to the provider of the links who assembled them all together for you!

  • The Lowlands in Holland, 2007. (14 Live Tracks: Talking, She's Got Standards, One Night Stand, She's the Only One, Spend A Lifetime, Toerag, Peace & Quiet, Robin Hood, Winter Calls, Repeated Offender, Narrow Minded Social Club, Hometown Blues, When I'm Alone, Local Boy)
The Lowlands show has a longer version of "Toerag" with more lyrics, so definitely check that out.


  1. barry and the rifles/trotters

    I was after this the other week
    so funny if you dont know this is
    from a show called
    Soccer AM on sky sports


  2. any chance of re-uploading these?