Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Rifles sign with Nettwerk [UPDATED #2]

  • The Rifles have signed with Nettwerk Music Group, though presumably only for North American releases.

  • READ about The Great Escape EP, a digital version of The Rifles EP for NA, released on July 28th.
  • The Rifles will release Great Escape in NA sometime in September.
  • The September 24th and 25th NY gigs will be at Mercury Lounge at 6:30.
  • An interview with the boys from Culturedeluxe HERE.
  • [UPDATE] - A video featuring The Rifles (about 1:55 in) at Splendor from LeftLion TV... the embed code isn't working, but the video is here:
  • [UPDATE #2] - From The Rifles twitter account: "Live acoustic set & interview for Maxim. Joel & Luke play 'Out of the Past', 'Robin Hood' & 'The Great Escape' -->"

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