Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rifles Rundown [Updated]

Music Under Fire loves The Rifles.
In their year-end list of the Top 100 songs of 2009, "Toe Rag" came in at #60, "The Great Escape" came in at #24, and "Out in the Past" came in at #20.
Then, in their list of Top 30 Albums of 2009, Great Escape was placed at #2!

The Sun loves The Rifles as well. They reviewed their album in early 2009, had a picture of Joel with Jersey Budd, and mentioned Joel's X-mas gift from Liam Gallagher and Luke's missing hat.
[Update]: The Sun's video of Jersey Budd and The Rifles playing "Sleigh Ride".

I managed to find another review of Great Escape from Wonka Vision Magazine.
An older video interview from back in July...

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  1. The Rifles and Jersey Budd - Sleigh Ride