Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Rifles in 2009

The Rifles have had a huge year. They've released their second album, numerous singles, and even a few music videos. Not to mention they've been touring non-stop to bring you their music every which way they can. So in return, please show your support for them... write on their myspace or facebook wall and tell them what they mean to you, or just say 'thanks'. They've worked their butts off for you, so send a little love their way!
We can only hope 2010 brings more of the same!


  1. whats happened to this blog? its slipped, not even warning about the garage gig, i rely on this blog!

  2. I'm doing the best i can... i'm just one guy; and there hasn't been too much news as of late really.

  3. I need to keep you looped then, got an e-mail?