Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick update

A couple vids to mention...


  1. Could you upload this songs in mp3, please?

    01. Narrow Minded Social Club (Live)
    02. She's Got Standard (Acoustic)
    03. The Great Escape (String & Vocal Version)
    04. Fighting

    and the live EP "Live At Shepherds Bush Empire"

    thanx so much!

  2. Here's "The Great Escape (Strings & Vocals Version)"...


    I'm afraid i don't have Narrow Minded Social Club (Live) (from I Could Never Lie b-side) or the acoustic version of She's Got Standards...
    And I am missing one song from the Live EP...

    Live at Shepards Bush Empire
    "Robin Hood (live)"
    "Narrow Minded Social Club (live)"
    "Peace & Quiet (live)"
    "Up Close (live)"

  3. Thanx so much! but....

    ...I don't know why, but only the songs can download if you are premium user

    Please, try in another server like MULTIUPLOAD or other one

    thanks again

  4. Rapidshare says that, but just try again later and it should work. It doesn't let you download too many things in a row...