Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live at Taubertal

Hey, it's been awhile....
  • Download the full concert from the Taubertal Festival (08/09/2009)!
  • Danny Connors and The Ladders won the The Rifles' Battle of the Bands!
  • Read the band's American tour blogs from their North American tour Here (scroll down) and you can get a chance to win tickets to see The Rifles here.
  • A review of The Rifles visit to The Mercury Lounge.
  • A short review of The Rifles from their August in-store Merc gig.
  • A September interview with Luke Crowther.
Upcoming gigs:
23rd October – Coronet, London
25th October – Alte Feurwache, Mannheim
26th October – E Werk, Eriangen
27th October – Luxor, Cologne
29th October – Docks, Hamburg
30th October – Werk 2, Lelpzig
31st October – Astra, Berlin
2nd November – Jazzhaus, Frelburg
3rd November – Zapata, Stuttgart
4th November – Schlachtof, Weisbader
6th November – Trix, Antwerp
7th November – Paradiso, Amsterdam
10th November – La Boule Noire, Paris


  1. Taubertal Download only for Premium Members!
    Any chance to make it available via your site?

  2. It should work if you click "Free user", if not, i can try and put it up somewhere else, let me know..