Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tour Blogs and Radio Interview

Tour Blogs:
The Rifles are still out and about touring but they're chronicling their daily misadventures on their MySpace blog. So if you want to hear about the non-musical side of the band, like Joel getting lost in a museum or Rob and Grant ducking out down a ladder during a gig, this is definitely for you! So far Luke, Rob, and Grant have taken turns writing the entries, which include exclusive photos of their tour.

Radio Interview:
Joel and Luke did an interview with BFBS Radio which you can see here. Part 1 includes an acoustic performance of "The Great Escape", Part 2 features "Peace & Quiet"...

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  1. These guys are wicked, they are writing blogs over each section of their euro tour atm, read all of them on the virgin site, a recent interview with the guys is on there too, well worth a read if ur a fan :)